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Germany: Will Not Take Part In JESC 2014

Germany Will Not Debut At JESC
Germany Will Not Debut At JESC

NDR have confirmed to that Germany will not participate in Junior Eurovision 2014. Germany was due to take part in the first contest in 2003 but withdrew and again in 2004 was due to take part but withdrew saying that:

Germany did not join the Junior Eurovision Song Contest because no TV professional believes in a success of the existing concept under the specific German market conditions.

Germany along with Hungary sent observers to the 2013 contest in Kiev with the intention to take part in the contest in the coming years. We understand that it seems likely now Germany will observe the 2014 contest with the intention of taking part in 2015 if they are satisfied with the contest.

Source: NDR

12 thoughts on “Germany: Will Not Take Part In JESC 2014”

  1. In my opinion, JESC needs more quality entries and not only kids singing fun entries on stage because grown-ups think that’s funny. Children can do so much more! The show should be more like “The Voice Kids” with more serious songs. Malta send a good song and singer last year – they ended up winning the whole thing. Hopefully, the producers will think about that. And if they improve the format, I’m sure countries like Germany, Spain or UK will return/make their debut one day.

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