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Iluka Will Sing “12th of July”

With the ABU Radio Song Festival 2014 tomorrow we caught up with Iluka who is representing Australia in the contest. Here is what she had to say;

First off thank you for talking to us, it’s just a day until you leave for Sri Lanka, how does it feel?

Well I’m actually sitting on the plane heading over, so it’s starting to feel pretty real!

For those that don’t know you will be representing Australia in the ABU Radio Song Festival, how did that come about?

A bit unexpectedly really… radio stations from each country are invited to submit one artist to perform at the festival… and I was lucky enough to be chosen from the land down under. Pretty insane… Cannot wait to touch down and let the adventures begin

Can you tell us a bit more about yourself?

Well… I can hula hoop while playing the ukulele and singing ‘Something’ by George Harrison. In my dreams I am frequently a whale. Shopping centres terrify me. Nostalgia haunts me. I write letters constantly but rarely send them. Perhaps it’s my hopeless romantic self. I lose my mind on the full moon. Poetry is my drug. Red wine is my weakness. Janis Joplin is my queen. My guitar Dusty is my best friend. Frida Kahlo is my muse. I am an obsessive collector of wizard robes. One day I will live on a pirate ship. Probably alone with a talking parrot at my shoulder. And I would rather be seen as completely mad than to ever live a safe, orderly existence. Life is far too precious…

Artwork for “12th of July”

 Your song is called “12th of July”, what was the inspiration behind the song and does it hold any meaning to you?

It was a song I wrote whilst on the road. I was very young and chasing any kind of feeling, adventure, story. I had heard from a friend that a group of nomadic wave chasers were driving across Europe from east to west. They had a spare seat in the van and I just went. I never thought twice. I guess it’s an ode to the open road. An ode to the grand highway and the lovers and haters and crazies and searchers and leavers and dreamers and schemers who dwell upon her endless shores.

Now you’re only the second person to represent Australia in the contest, the first time Australia came 2nd. Are you going out to Sri Lanka to win, or will you take it as it comes?

Music for me is never competitive. It is an art form, a subjective creative outlet. My goal has always been simply to reach people and move people through my music. I just hope this platform gives me this opportunity…

Do you have anything you’d like to say to the readers of

I think Jack Kerouac was onto something when he spoke of life on the open road… ‘There was nowhere to go but everywhere, so just keep on rolling under the stars…’

We wish Iluka all the best for the contest tomorrow, you can listen to her song on Spotify here and follow her on Twitter here.

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