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10 thoughts on “Iceland: “Most Likely” Debut At Junior Eurovision 2014”

    1. first nordic to debut “since 2003” it says, all the other nordics debuted at the JESC’s inception back in 2003.

      1. Until now no news about a possible German debút. But when I was at JESC 2013 I met the German Head of Delegation, Torsten Amarell at the airport. What makes me worry about our participation is the fact that our ESC commentator did not mention anything when Gaia performed in Copenhagen.

  1. there cannot be 20 nations at JESC as the rules only allow for a lower number of countries than normal ESC.
    I think we need a “definite” entry announcement rather than Iceland saying “most likely” or Czech Republic saying “its not unlikely” – bit too soon to get too excited with only 7 nations currently due to take part and two of them are The Russian Federation and The Ukraine 🙁

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