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Denmark: TV2 Will Not Take Part In JESC 2014

TV2 Will Not Participate In JESC

TV2 the second Danish Broadcaster has informed us that they have no intention of taking part in Junior Eurovision. When DR withdrew from Junior Eurovision after the 2005 contest, TV2 was expected to copy TV4 in Sweden and take over participation in the contest, however they never did.

Back in December DR told us that:

DR has no current plans to return to JESC. We decided to leave the contest as the format does not match what we wish to do with our local competition.

We have contacted DR again to see if hosting Eurovision 2014 has changed their opinion of the contest.

Source: TV2

5 thoughts on “Denmark: TV2 Will Not Take Part In JESC 2014”

  1. Exactly, Kelvin. A lot has changed since they pulled out ten years ago – it would be far more constructive if they heard what EBU had changed and what the contest is like in 2014 instead of using an outdated argument

    1. Its very sad indeed Kath that DR, NRK and TVE are been stubborn and refusing to return, the countries could have so much potential in the JESC, plus Spain is one of the countries were interest for JESC is highest, you would have thought TVE would choose to return in the interest of the Spanish public, it means high viewership for TVE then. Could EBU change the format to suit NRK, DR and TVE, for example higher the minimum age to 12 so then the contest is more for teenagers and higher the maximum age to 17/18, consequently changing the age limits at the Adult contest.

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