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Czech Republic: Unlikely To Return In 2015

Lack Of Interest From Viewers
Lack Of Interest From Viewers

Kamila Kaislerova from Česká televize has told escXtra that it is unlikely the Czech Republic will return to Eurovision in 2015. The Czech Republic debuted in Eurovision in 2007, but withdrew after the 2009 contest due to a poor run of results which saw the country score just 10 points in 3 years.  Back in March Program Director for CT, Milanem Fridrichem, told that they approach any offer seriously, and would not exclude anything before this point.

CT does however take part in two Eurovision events, Eurovision Young Musicians and Eurovision Young Dancers. The Czech Republic are hosting Eurovision Young Dancers in 2015.

Source: escXtra

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  1. It’s Not a surprise that Czechs are not interested in Eurovision if their Broadcaster doesn’t shows the Show and Makes no effort for send an entrant with dignity. Look Hungary! They failed very offen in Semifinals but then they invented A Dal and now are getting their best results ever.

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