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Azerbaijan: Unhappy With The Voting

Dilara Scored Just 33 Points
Dilara Scored Just 33 Points

Azerbaijan are one of a number of countries to have come out to complain about the calculation of this years points. The releasing of the jury and televote scores have for the first time enabled people to clearly see how the vote was calculated. According to APA, there are doubts about Azerbaijan’s placing in the contest, saying that:

It is doubtful that Dilara Kazimova ranked 8th by the jury and 21st by the audience, came 22nd

Poland is the largest example this year of the affecting that juries came have on the televote with multiple 12 points from across Europe being wiped out by poor placing by the juries.

The 22nd place for Azerbaijan in the final is their worst result ever in the contest having previously never placing outside of the top.10 since their debut in 2008.

Source: APA

4 thoughts on “Azerbaijan: Unhappy With The Voting”

  1. I have no means to be rude, but 22nd was actually deserved xD I like this split result.

  2. I love the studio version, but live it was REALLY dull. I love to sing along while listening it on YouTube, but the vocals on stage were really bad and I almost fell asleep during the boring performance. A well deserved placement, also because it was just a very strong year in my opinion.

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