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Turkey: “No Longer Participate” In Eurovision

Turkey Are Out Of Eurovision
Turkey Are Out Of Eurovision

Conchita Wursts win in Eurovision 2014 has caused controversy not only in Russia but also in Turkey. Volkan Bozkir , Chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee in the Turkish Parliament has told the Turkish press that:

Thank god we no longer participate in Eurovision

Turkey withdrew from the contest after 2012 in protest about the 50/50 televote as well as the Big 5’s direct qualification for the final. It now appears that Turkey will not be returning to the contest after refusing to show the contest last year due to a kiss between Krista Siegfrids and a backing singer in Finland’s 2013 performance, and now Conchita Wurst’s win in this years contest.

In 2013 Turkey created Turkvision which is a Turkish version of Eurovision, the 2013 contest was won by Azerbaijan and saw a total of 24 countries and regions taking part.

TRT the EBU member in Turkey has not made a statement about the comments.

Source: Der Tagesspiel

28 thoughts on “Turkey: “No Longer Participate” In Eurovision”

    1. I know BeccaBoo1212. It’s such a shame because I quite liked Turkey’s entry in 2012. But next year, they MIGHT be hosting the ABU TV Song Festival (Asiavision) in Istanbul as that’s where the general assembly is being held. But yeah, going back to Eurovision, it is just a crying shame that we may never see Turkey in Eurovision again.

      As a helpful note to the EBU, replace Russia with Kazakhstan if they pull out. 😀

  1. EBU Must punish this by pulling out TRT from membership. I’m sure that there are other Turkish Broadcasters with more tolerance. It seems that Turkey is getting back to an Old islamic state. They want Build their Former ottoman Empire again.

  2. Hopes are up. But fine, be that way. Turkey withdraws from 2013 because of 50/50 vote, where they end in the top 10 (except once!) since 2007. They can’t consider that ”unfair” because there are some countries which would love to have the results Turkey gets. But I guess it was expected. If only Turkey had other broadcasters which could join the EBU..

  3. This reasons are Even more stupid than the Big 5/jury Dilema. They should Pay a Bill for this.

  4. So far only 4 countries have confirmed their participation? That’s very small. Why does Turkey not trie to participate at Jesc? Theres no Gays or Lesbians and no Big 5 rule.

  5. A big tragic loss 🙁 hope azerbaijan or another close ally win, so maybe turkey can be encouraged to participate in 2016

  6. en turchia hoy mismissimo han tenudo una tragedia donde keririon 200 minatores, y kul es la major preocupacion del ministero del exterior turco? Ritirarse de eurovision, yo digo ke mal ha heco la pobre Conchi? No tiene derecho a comer? Y nosostros marikas non tnemos derecho a gustarnos 3 oras de diviertimento?

    1. Have you not read this article? Israel and Arab states have nothing to do with this withdraw… it is the religious-conservative regime in Turkey which is so upset over the LGBT community being a big part of the fan base of the competition. When Israel’s transexual singer Dana International won in 1998 they said nothing because they had a liberal-westernized-sane government.

  7. This can’t be seen as a legit reason, some strange random person says Turkey will never ever participate again, when TRT are the ones who has the final word on the decision. Turkey can still join in for 2015.

  8. Goodbye to all goodfriends (excepting Greece and Cyprus of course) and thanks a lot for many great shows and nights. We had shared good memories. I know that we are not so much success in contest but Turkish people follow and love always ESC although we are not in.

  9. Turkey was sending great songs with good shows, i hope they will come back though i also don’t like juries and i find them very unfair in voting, Ebu must find another solution for making the contest better and fair.

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