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Russia: Proposes Own Eurovision Song Contest

"Voice Of Eurasia" Proposed
“Voice Of Eurasia” Proposed

Just days after Eurovision 2014 it has emerged that a new contest has been proposed for former Soviet states called “Voice of Eurasia”. The proposal comes from the Communist Party deputy Valery Rashkin, who told Interfax that:

We must leave this competition. We cannot tolerate this endless madness.

The contest was supported by advisers of Belarus’s President Alexander Lukashenko. The creation of the contest is in response to Conchita Wurst winning the contest on Saturday night, Conchita is an Austrian man name Tom Neuwirth, who performs as Conchita who is a woman with a beard.

The contest would be a return to the Soviet Unions rival to the Eurovision Song Contest which was called Intervision which ran from 1977 to 1980. This is however not the first time that Russia has tried to start an alternative to Eurovision with Vladimir Putin in 2009 after Russia hosted Eurovision putting forward the creation of a competition between Russia and Central Asia as well as China. The contest then would have been a reworked version of Intervision.

Source: AFP

17 thoughts on “Russia: Proposes Own Eurovision Song Contest”

  1. Let them, then! They didn’t say that when Verka Serduchka came onto that stage in 2007 and sang for their dear old friend Ukraine, did they? They are really childish, and just because of Conchita. I don’t have much against Russia, not even the booing was deserved. But this is being too stupid.

  2. This would be really good if they left. All the have done is ruin the compeition. Even though the competition is against freedom, you guys are horrible anyway. Please leave!

  3. EBU Must ACT against this politicians. Today it was revealed that Turkey will Never participate after the victory of Conchita Wurst. And that is the reason why they pulled out for 2 years. Erdogan dosen’ wants that TRT Shows lesbian Kisses Gays or Women like from Poland. Well this MUST be punished by the EBU and the EU.

  4. Russia is acting like a kid on a tantrum, they didn’t get their way, now they’re crying. Too bad people either gay or straight or anything is people, no need to say they have no morals or that they go against God’s will, in the bible it says God is the only one to judge, so let God do that, why are you Russians being such babies, if you believe in what you believe, let the people be free and just worry about your shitty country.

    And… to “escspain”, Turkey didn’t say that, they are against the big 5 and I agree with ’em, Spain has always been shitty and aren’t deserving a big 5 place, your country is so shitty they used the EU to avoid a lot of problems and spend money on a contest you can’t win, unlike the other big 5, you have no right of being there, it is very clear, Greece belongs more to the big 5 than Spain. I agree with Turkey, the EBU should kick spain out of the big 5 and put a more deserving country.

    1. Spain pays a lot of money and deserves a spot in the final. Greece cannot hold itself to even host again. So calm down before you start hating on Spain.

      1. Greece can host eurovision again if has to!if Greece couldn’t it wouldn’t participate in the contest.. 🙂

    2. Eres català? Jajajajaja! Remember:Spain was the best Big 5 this year! LGBT says that they want Respect but then they are booing out two poor Russian Teens that are not responsable for Putin. Respect!

  5. Russia’s an amazing member of the Eurovision Family 🙁
    I shall repeat again, Eurovision NEEDS Russia!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Please withdraw and take Belarus, Armenia, and Azerbaijan with you. Ukraine can stay though.

  7. They probably won’t do anything anyways. Conchita was ranked in the Top 10 of all but one of the Russian jurors. To me that means that the Russian govt (or even the state broadcaster) does not really have much control over their Eurovision delegation.

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