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Finland Confirmed 2015 Participation
Finland Confirmed 2015 Participation

UMK will be used again in 2015 as the selection process for Finland at Eurovision. Softengine finished in 11th place in last nights final Finland’s best result in the contest since Lordi won in Athens, Greece in 2006. Topi Latukka lead singer of Softengine told YLE that:

This eleventh place is like our victory! Thanks for all the encouragement and support. Was absolutely awesome gig, pulled from the full and felt great! 

Anssi Autio the Executive Producer for YLE said that:

New Music Competition managed to produce a fresh competition in the Eurovision Song Contest song and Soft Engine Time is now known in many countries. Softengine’s success is a good thing for the new music competition. UMK 2015 search begins, as usual, in the fall.

UMK was introduced back in 2012 replacing the old Finnish Eurovision selection format which had brought mixed results.

Source: YLE

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