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Ireland: 2015 Participation Confirmed As Mentors Scrapped

Ireland Scrap The Mentors
Ireland Scrap The Mentors

RTE the Irish broadcaster have confirmed that they are scrapping the mentors system for selecting their Eurovision entry. The mentor system was introduced in 2011 to turn around Irish fortunes in the contest. The mentors system had brought Ireland mixed results with an 8th place in 2011, but a failure to qualify for the final this year.

RTE told the Irish Times that they would not be withdrawing from the contest. The decision to remove the mentors had been in discussion in the run up to the contest according to the Irish Head of Delegation Micheal Kealy:

We have been reviewing the Eurovision selection process for some time and we are planning to make an announcement shortly about changes to how we select Ireland’s Eurovision act.

There is a general feeling from the Irish music industry and past entrants that it was the staging of their 2014 entry that cost them qualification for the final. It has been suggested that Ireland should opt for an internal selection like that of the UK.

Source: Irish Times

3 thoughts on “Ireland: 2015 Participation Confirmed As Mentors Scrapped”

  1. YAYYY!! My country has confirmed. I’m glad the mentors in the Eurosong are scrapped, I never liked the idea anyway.
    Sad that Kasey is out, but you win and you lose. I think maybe internally selecting could do the trick (It worked for countries this year)

  2. Bring back Jedward – they had some good results and are still hugely popular in Europe

  3. Not a good idea to scrap eurosong system,what is required is a fairer selection process in the eurosong system ,right to get rid of the mentor system though that is the biggest fix of all.

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