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Latvia: Aarzemnieki Interview

Find Out More About Latvia's Entrants
Find Out More About Latvia’s Entrants

We caught up with Katrina Dimanta who is part of Aarzemnieki to talk about Eurovision. Here is what she had to say:

Congratulations on being chosen to represent Latvia at Eurovision, how does it feel just over a week before you leave for Eurovision? 

We are extremely excited. I can’t describe in words how good it feels. We are thinking already what clothes to take with us and are little bit nervous as well. To have the chance to sing for Latvia is fantastic! 

I have to start by saying that your song and you as a band are brilliant, happy and energetic. What was it that made you write “Cake To Bake”? 

The song “Cake to Bake” was easy to compose, because it comes from the heart! We wanted to make people happy in the natural way. In the last years there are many new sound effects and performers are using them. We wanted to go back to the roots. Our song has a melody that helps to come closer to the people hearts. It is a “sticky”, bright and cheerful song, which has a bit of humour and at the same time has something to tell… – we hope to give our listeners much happiness 🙂

Going into Dziesma no one really thought you would win with Samanta Tina and Dons taking part, what was your reaction when you found out you won? 

You are very good informed 🙂 Yes, we were very surprised. When the person announced the results, we didn’t believe it: „What did he mean by saying „cake to bake“, do we have the 3rd place?” we thought. We were so happy representing Latvia. It is the biggest honour for us. Thank you very much for all our fans, who made this all come true!

Can you tell us more about yourselves and how Aarzmnieki came about? 

“Aarzemnieki” is a band consisting of 3 Latvians and one German. 
The story began as a German guy, Jöran Steinhauer wrote a farewell song to the Lat currency, aptly naming the song „Paldies Latiņam!“ (“Thank you, Lat!”).  Later, the video became a Youtube sensation.  The popularity surrounding the song was so large that Jöran decided to pack his bags and make his way to Latvia with one thing in mind- “let’s see what happens next!” However Jöran has actually been connected with Latvia since 2005 as he was a exchange student there. Later he volunteered at a children’s centre and in the German church of Riga. The story behind the “Aarzemnieki” (Foreigners) group’s name is quite precise due to Jöran’s status in Latvia. The word’s complicated pronunciation reflects each foreigner’s struggle to integrate into the local society. In the fall of 2013, the group grew from a solo act with three new members- violinist and vocalist Katrīna Dimanta, drummer Raitis Viļumovs and pianist Guntis Veilands. 

The video for your song is very fun, how did it all come about? 

Our music video was filmed in the Open Air museum of Latvia in Riga. It is situated in a quiet place next to a forest. We invited people to come and sing with us. It was a fun day! 

Going into Eurovision what are you aiming for, are you wanting to get into the final? Have fun? Or are just gonna take it as it comes? 

Your question includes all the answers – yes, we want to get into the final, we have much fun and in the same time we are taking everything as it comes! 🙂 🙂 We wan to make the best possible result but keep calm and enjoy this wonderful time. 

Now our readers have a few questions for you. Joaquin from Venezuela wants to know “How are you always in such a good mood? Tell us your secret” 

Dear Joaquin, I am not always in so good mood. There are sometimes moments, when people are not so friendly and I’m sad about that. But most of the time I am positive. It is better to see everything positive, because negative thinking doesn’t bring one much further. Actually that’s what our song is about, it says – don’t be too proud to admit to your fails or lack of knowledge, go and ask for help and learn something new. Basically – everything is possible, like to melt the ice of the polar caps, for instance 🙂 (a line from the song) 

Jake from the United Kingdom asks, does the name Aarzmnieki have a meaning? 

Hi Jake, thank you for your question.  “Aarzemnieki” means “foreigners”. Why? Because in Latvia  Jöran Steinhauer is a foreigner, he comes from Bochum, Germany. So if you visit Latvia, you are “Aarzemnieks” as well 😉 

Emily who is also from the United Kingdom has two questions for you, the first is how good are you at baking? 

Dear Emily, a very popular cook in Latvia (Martins Ritins) showed us how to bake the cake, i think I could manage to bake. Hope it would be delicious enough, that somebody eats it. 😀 But if you know who bakes the best cakes, that is my mother. It is not some type of cake, like strawberry or chocolate, it’s just “Cake made by Mama” 🙂 

Secondly do you really love baking as much as you say in the song?

In our song “Cake to Bake” I say, that I need to bake a cake but doesn’t know how 😉 

Finally, do you have anything you’d like to say to the readers of 

Dear Eurovoix readers, friends and fans thank you very much that you support Eurovision with your interest and your votes 🙂 

We wish Aarzemnieki all the best for Eurovision and we hope to see them in the final on May 10th.

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