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Albania: Hersiana Matmuja Interview

Meet Hersiana From Albania

We were lucky enough to talk to this years Albanian Eurovision entrant Hersiana Matmuja earlier this week. In it we talked about her song, her performance and why she moved to Italy. Here is Hersiana;

Thank you for talking to us Hersi, you were selected to represent Albania back in December, what’s it been like for you since then?

From the moment when I won, together with the huge happiness I felt, it also came a big responsibility.  Since the first weeks of January, we started working for the details for the final version of the song; lyrics, arrangement and vocals. Then we went to Greece to record the song, then the video-clip shooting, then the promo tour. It was all so sudden and fast, comparing to what I had experienced before, but I took everything step by step to make it easier. I have visited places I hadn’t before, met people from all around Europe, well-known artists, and experienced the emotion of singing live on the Amsterdam stage, and  I have fully enjoyed it !

You won Festivali i Kenges, what was it that made you take part?

 I have participated many times on the FiK, and it has been very important to me. It has been the first stage where I got an approval, when I participated in 2006, when I was 16, and won the youth category. Since then, I have seen it as a very important event to gain self-confidence and improve as an artist. Last year, I participated with Genti Lako as the composer and we finished third, so we decided to give it another try this year. And we won!

 Your song is called “One Nights Anger”, can you tell us more about it?

The lyrics of the song give us the message of being positive. Anger, is a negative feeling; if we let it invade our beings we will become negative and unhappy, that’s why we should “Let go”, and “Calm down, think twice”, before doing anything while in anger.

 The song originally was in Albanian, but it was changed into English, why did you decide to change the language?

Because I think that the song carries a very important message, which English would convey it better, for much more people.

Hersi On The Radio In San Marino

 You’ve been all over Europe promoting your song, what has that been like for you?

It has been just like I expected; exiting, funny, a mind-opening experience. I have visited some of the most beautiful cities in the world, like Copenhagen, Amsterdam, Budapest, and some of the most wonderful places, like Malta, San Marino, Montenegro. I love seeing knowing cultures, and Eurovision is the best opportunity to do it.

 Now you actually at the minute are living in Italy, what was it that made you decided to move to Italy?

I wanted to study classical music out of Albania, and Italy was the best opportunity to me, because of its history of arts and because I have two aunts who live in Rome. So I did the admission competition at the Santa Cecilia music conservatory, and won the right to study as first on the list. That’s why I moved to Rome, where I live with my aunt, and follow the classes at the conservatory from Monday to Saturday.  Apart that, almost every weekend we do classical concerts with the school. I come to Tirana only for vacations.

 In Copenhagen, what can we expect from your performance?

I will try to give my best vocally, putting my whole spirit in it. That’s why I want to have something like a simple performance, so that people can hear my voice and the message of the song, though we haven’t finalized this part yet.

 Finally, do you have anything you’d like to say to the readers of

 Thank you to all the readers for your attention. I want to thank everyone who has supported my song, it really gives me a lot of positivity. Hugs!

We wish Hersiana all the best in Copenhagen.

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