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Norway: MGP.jr Finalists To Be Announced April 10


2 Weeks Until The Acts Are Revealed

NRK will announce the finalist in MGP.jr it has been revealed today. Auditions were held last week in Oslo over 2 days, with 25 acts performing for 15 minutes each in front of a panel, the panel will now decide on the 10 acts. You can see pictures from the audition stages here.

Last year the contest was won by Unik 4 with the song “Så sur da”, you can watch their performance below:

Source: NRK

4 thoughts on “Norway: MGP.jr Finalists To Be Announced April 10”

      1. Hi. They performed in front of a panel for 15 minutes. The rest of the hour they did fun things like website-interview, photoshoots and talking to people 🙂

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