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Poland Decides Tonight
Poland Decides Tonight

Tonight in Poland the final of Młody Muzyk Roku takes place. The contest is held every 2 years to select the best Young Musician in Poland, who will go onto Eurovision Young Musicians in Cologne.

A total of 7 musicians have qualified for the final and will be performing tonight. They are:

  • Mateusz Doniec – Viola
  • Karina Kamizela – Flute
  • Wojciech Kaszuba – Trumpet
  • Bartosz Kołsut – Accordion
  • Viet Trung Nguyen – Piano
  • Inga Piwowarska – Accordion
  • Krystyna Wiśniewska – Cello

The jury is made up of:

  • Krzesimir Dębski
  • Kevin Kenner
  • Patrycja Piekutowska
  • Tytus Wojnowicz

The final is live from 20:20 CET and can be watched live here on TVP Kultura.

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