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Carl Espen Will Fly The Flag For Norway

The final of Melodi Grand Prix 2014 has just finished in Norway and Carl Espen will represent Norway in Eurovision 2014 with “Silent Storm”. A total of 9 acts took part in what was widely felt to be the best Melodi Grand Prix in recent years.

The contest took part in two parts. In the first half all of the 9 songs were performed and then the public vote opened for 10 minutes. After a 40 minute break the contest returned and the four super finalists were announced. The acts that failed to qualify were:

  • El Cuero – Ain’t No Love (In This City No More)
  • Elisabeth Carew – Sole Survivor
  • Dina Misund – Needs
  • Linnea Dale – High Hopes
  • Charlie – Hit Me Up
  • Oda & Wulff – Sing

The four acts that went through to the super final were:

  1. Knut Kippersund Nesdal – Taste Of You
  2. Mo – Heal
  3. Linnea Dale – High Hopes
  4. Carl Epsen – Silent Storm

Voting once again took place with the public have 100% say in who will fly their flag in Copenhagen. Mo won the vote in Ostlandet with 23,615 votes, NordNorge gave 4,697 votes to Carl Espen, Midtnorge gave 4,397 votes to Carl Espen, Sorlandet gave 4,832 to Linnea Dale. Finally Vestlandet gave 16,542 votes to Carl Espen. You can watch the winning song below:

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