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More Shows Tonight
More Shows Tonight

Tonight see’s three more countries continue their Eurovision search. Belgium and Norway both hold the last semi finals of their selections before their finals next week, while Montenegro presents the song Sergej Ćetković will sing.

Here are the times for the shows tonight:

  • Belgium – Eurosong – 20:30 CET
  • Norway – Melodi Grand Prix – 20:05 CET
  • Montenegro – Song Presentation – 21:00 CET


It's The Last Semi Final
It’s The Last Semi Final

Tonight is the third and final semi final of Eurosong in Belgium with 4 acts competing for just 2 spaces left in the Eurosong Final. The acts in tonight’s show are:

  1. Nelson – Wild Side
  2. Axel Hirsoux – Mother
  3. Tisha Cyrus – Kitty Cat
  4. Bandits – One

As normal the jury will score all of the songs and then the public will vote on the songs, the voting will be combined to select the top 2 acts. You can watch the show live from 20:30 CET here.


The Last 3 Finalists Will Be Selected
The Last 3 Finalists Will Be Selected

The third and final semi final of Melodi Grand Prix also takes place tonight in Oslo. 5 acts will be competing for the last 3 places in the MGP final next Saturday.

The running order for tonight’s show is:

  1. Moi – Bensin
  2. El Cuero – Ain’t No Love In This City No More
  3. Ilebek – Who Needs the Universe
  4. Elisabeth Carew – Sole Survivor
  5. Carl Jepsen – Silent Storm

The 3 qualifiers will be picked by a 100% televote. You can watch the show live from 20:05 CET here.


Sergej Will Reveal All Tonight
Sergej Will Reveal All Tonight

Montenegro will tonight give us one more Eurovision entry for this year as  Sergej Ćetković’s song is revealed to the public. The show which will be broadcast live from Hotel Splendid in Podgorica, which was one of the sets in Casino Royale, will see his song “Moj Svijet (My World)” revealed for the first time.

Sergej has recorded a Montenegrin and an English version of the song, both of which will be presented tonight. The music video for both songs was recorded in Belgrade. He has however yet to decide which version of the song he will sing at Eurovision. Sergej told that:

I guess you could describe “Moj Svijet” as a Eurovision song, but at the same time it represents me and my style. I am really excited but I don’t have any fears, because I think that the audience will accept this song very well.

You can watch the reveal show live from 21:00 CET here.

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  1. hoping for something good from Montenegro, Slovenia is simply diabolical and Albania is dull. Macedonia are great though 🙂

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