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Russia: Tolmachevy Twins To Eurovision?

The Twins Are Off To Copenhagen
The Twins Are Off To Copenhagen

According to esckaz The Tolmachevy Twins who won Junior Eurovision 2006 will represent Russia at Eurovision 2014. Russia 1 are yet to confirm the news.

The Tolmachevy Twins if the news is confirmed to be true will be the first winners of the Junior Contest to ever go to Eurovision. The Twins have however appeared in the senior contest before, they were involved in the opening of the 1st semi final in the 2009 contest in Moscow. The news confirms that Russia have opted for an internal selection instead of the announced “Kto?” selection process.

Details about their song for Eurovision are expected shortly.

Source: esckaz

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  1. I don’t wanna change my Twitter background again lol. That’s a cool new record or ESC though.

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