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4 thoughts on “Romania: Paula Seling & Ovi Are Off To Copenhagen”

  1. WHAT A LAME SHITTY ENTRY, this is the sort of amateur crap you would expect from Belarus, Lithuania or Latvia, and the worse thing of all is that this will sure qualify. The English/Diction is terrible, the lyrics are lame and boring, the composition lacks originality and is dated!

      1. its a lame entry, they can’t sing properly in places and can’t sing in properly in English, their accent is too strong, if someone can’t sing properly in English then they should stick to their native language. Romania and Estonia 2014 are proving hard to rank, composition wise Romania and Estonia are actually quite interesting and I would like them to qualify on that, but then English and poor singing puts Romania and Estonia down for me, as well as Estonia been quite messy and forgettable. Bad English and singing cheapens an entry in my opinion, its not a very professional attempt.

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