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Confusion Within The Internal Selection
Mei to release her songs tonight

At 20:00 CET, on IBA, Mei Finegold is set to release her 3 bidding Eurovision entries.

Already, we know the tradition Kdam selection is no longer Israel’s selection method, but instead, IBA internally select the artist (which, in this case, is Mei Finegold) and a song selection is used.

Mei has chosen two of the songs while IBA invited songwriters to submit songs. The best song was chosen to complete the line-up of three songs.

Israel has not qualified for a final since 2011 and have not even came close. However, Mei wishes to change that so that we may see the Israeli flag in a grand final once more.

To watch the song presentation tonight, click here.

Please remember that the song is not chosen tonight, the song is chosen on the 5th of March.

Source: IBA.

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