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Poland: It’s Donatan & Cleo to Eurovision!

Internal Selection Confirmed
Representative Announced

Like the speculations said, it is indeed Donatan and Cleo going to Copenhagen for Poland – and we even have the song, too. Yes, we have our Polish representatives and the song!

As Donatan reported on his official Facebook page, talks with TVP were commencing about the Eurovision Song Contest and representing Poland in Copenhagen. However, Donatan was not too sure about the proposal. He slept on it and it seems decided to go for the opportunity; to expand his already-huge fan base.

The song is called “My Słowianie” and there is an English version called “Slavic Girls”. Donatan wishes for the song to be sung in Polish while Cleo, the vocals behind the song, would prefer to sing in English. TVP are considering making a bilingual English/Polish version to satisfy both Donatan and Cleo.

Here is the version that’s likely to be sung, the Polish version:


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