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Montenegro: Postcard & Music Video Preparations

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Their postcard is being shot

Sergej has started filming his postcard and music video for the upcoming Eurovision Song Contest held in Copenhagen, Denmark. Sergej has entitled the short postcard “My Country, My Flag” and it will introduce Sergej to us in Copenhagen. The postcard has been shot in Cetinje and surrounding Sergej is some memorable Montenegrin scenery.

One of his representatives said:

Wish my team was the short film titled ‘My country, my flag’, which will be an introduction to the Eurovision Song Contest in my performance, we recorded in Cetinje, in one of the recognizable Montenegrin scenery. Coincidentally, this city always somehow ‘skip’ when he recorded, so we decided that this ‘injustice’ correct.

And now, Sergej is working hard towards completing his music video. RTCG, the Montenegrin national broadcaster, is producing the video while he is getting a lot of help from previous directors, designers, etc. that he has worked with.

Sergej also stated:

We want to pack a bag and an audio and video version of the song, and we present them to the public at the same time. This will happen in the first half of March, for us and the contest deadline to commit.

Currently, the Montenegrin delegation, alongside Sergej, are deciding whether to sing in a native Balkan language (probably Serbian) or English. The song has been recorded in both languages.

Serge will be performing in the first semi-final on the 6th of May. He has already expressed how he wishes the song to be a ballad and hopes his voice, his song and stage presence alone lets him achieve Montenegro’s first qualification, this also gives us hints at a simple staging from Montenegro this year.

Source: RTCG

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