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Ruth Lorenzo has won the final!

After a tense tele-vote, Ruth Lorenzo has emerged victorious after receiving the top marks of 36 from the tele-voting. Despite Brequette getting all the twelves from the panel, Ruth managed to equal her score in the tele-vote, and the public get an overall say over the final result.

Ruth’s song is called “Dancing In The Rain” and is the first time Spain have sung heavily in English (although you could debate 2009 had a lot of English, too).

Here, take a listen to Spain’s entry:


Source: TVE

6 thoughts on “Spain: It’s Ruth to Copenhagen!”

  1. Very disappointed. Brequette had the better song, Ruth won’t do very well. The jury should have the final say like they do in every other country basically.

    1. Well, actually, reviewing back over it now, I’m not sure if it’s because she received the highest points (36 over Brequette’s 30) – like the old Eurovision tie-breaker.. But we’ll stick with public decide until I hear otherwise.

  2. I really don’t understand why Eurovision Times are been so harsh to Spain with Ruth and her song, yes its kind of average, but its decent entry, people are saying it will bring Spain 18th -22nd placing as usual on the Eurovision Times website. I’m getting ged up of their negativity to decent entries.

    1. Yes there’s something wrong in Eurovision times. Brequette was very nervous. Ruth will let the spanish decide whether she will Sing in English or spanish. Good views for an english song. One of the reasons for her victory is her Promotion. She has been making interviews in Radio. She even performs at Catalan TV.So she will make something that no other spanish participant has done…Promotion in Europe.

      1. Word is that Ruth is going to be performing at Eurovision In Concert – another great promotion event. And of course, no doubt Graham Norton will have her on his show to perform, seeing as she was an X-Factor UK participant.

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