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Here’s What They Had To Say

Earlier in the week I had the chance to catch up with Heidar Kristjansson who is a member of Pollapönk. Pollapönk  are taking part in this weekend’s second semi final of the Icelandic selection. Here is what he had to say:

I’d like to start by saying, well done, you are in the Icelandic Eurovision selection, how does that feel?

It feels great we are very honored to be in this selection

Now the band is called Pollaponk, can you tell us more about yourselves?

Pollapönk was formed by the  preschool teachers Heidar andHaraldur, . The CD Pollaponk (2006 ) was the graduation project of Iceland University of Education . In short, to say that the album fell into good soil , both by children and adults.In 2007  Guðni Finnsson and Arnar Gislason from bands Ensimi and Dr Spock , joined them. The aim of pollapönk is to create music and lyrics that both children and adults can enjoy.In early 2010 the band began work on their second album entitled ” MeiraPollaponk ” .The Act deals with issues that both children and adults think about. Meira PollaPonk came out 31 May 2010 under the auspices of Record Records.The third album “Adeins meiraPollapönk was released in 2011

Now its time for Eurovision !!!!!!

Last week was the first semi final of the Icelandic semi final, what did you make of the songs in the semi final?

All songs were great, a lot of music styles which good

The song you are singing is called “Engafordoma”, what is it about?

The title of the song translates to ” No Prejudice” and really says it all. Pollaponkhas no tolerance for prejudism and would like to get the message across to as many people.

What was it that made the band enter the Icelandic selection?

To get our music and the message we are trying to get across to as many people as possible

What expectations do you have going into Saturday night?

First and foremost to have fun and hopefully to take it to the next level

This is something that I asked a lot of the participants in last weeks semi final. I’m in Iceland next week, what do you recommend I give a go, if I’m offered it?

Now is thorrinn so it would be the perfect change to try out a lot of things you could never image eating sheep testiculus and penises : )

I’d like to say thank to Heidar and wish Pollapönk the best of luck on Saturday night. You can listen to their song here.

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