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Valentina’s song is to be revealed on the 14th of March

Returning to Eurovision for her third consecutive year, Valentina Monetta is to represent San Marino in May. As a third year returnee, much speculation has arisen about her song. Originally, her song was set to be released early 2014, but Valentina revealed to press that the unveiling of her song had been pushed back to March.

Now, after performing in Munich for OGAE Germany, she has revealed a specific date as to when her song is to be released. The set date is the 14th of March. It has been revealed that the song is likely to be penned by Ralph Siegel and will appear on Valentina’s new album.

In 2012, Valentina was first selected to represent San Marino was “The Social Network Song”. Originally, it was set to come last, but surprised everyone when she came 14th. Then she was selected once more to represent San Marino in 2013, this time with “Crisalide”. Despite being a huge fan favourite, she placed 11th, only nearly missing out on qualification. And she has been selected to represent the micro-nation once more.

Source: PRINCE Blog

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