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Slovenia: EMA To Return As National Selection Format

Eva Boto, The Last Entrant Selected Using EMA

RTVSLO have confirmed this evening that EMA will return as Slovenia’s Eurovision selection format. EMA was last used in 2012 and had brought Slovenia a mixed result since its return in 1999.

In 2012 Slovenia used the Misija Evrovizija format which saw a three month long selection process, culminating in EMA 2012 this saw “Verjamen” by Eva Boto, going to Baku to represent Slovenia, where it finished in second last place in the semi final. In 2013 RTVSLO turned to an internal selection for the contest with the American-Slovenian Hannah Mancini being selected for the contest with the song “Straight Into Love” which came in last place in their semi final with just 8 points.

No details have been announced yet as to how you can enter to take part in EMA 2014.

Source: RTVSLO

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    1. Unless you take into the idea that there may be private sponsorship of it or involvement of a record label, that brings the cost of an NF down. Then take in the revenue of a televote and you still get very affordable tv.

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