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Bulgaria: Officially Not Participating

Bulgaria Are Out

BNT have confirmed officially on the BNT Eurovision Facebook page that they will not be at Eurovision 2014. There had been up until last week a hope that Bulgaria may still take part in the contest if they could get the funding together, whether that be through an artist or sponsorship.

BNT said that:

Despite the extended time by the EBU, there is no change in factual behind the decision to opt-out of Bulgaria in the “Eurovision” 2014, taken by the Board of BNT 11/22/2013. Thus taken and then the decision becomes final. As mentioned several times subsequently, the decision to opt just about 2014 a year, but not future periods thereafter.

In the statement they have said that they are not ruling out returning to the contest in the future. BNT withdrew due to a funding cut of 5 million Lev which meant that Eurovision was no longer affordable.

Source: BNT Eurovision Bulgaria

9 thoughts on “Bulgaria: Officially Not Participating”

  1. It’s too sad that Bulgaria withdraws officially.Croatia and Serbia had better confirm their participation.I wanna see 39 countries again as last year.Cyprus can help to make it 40.

  2. In addition to that,whe should see Turkey and Slovakia returning as well as Bosnia & Herzegovina if financial problems are solved.Then we could say that the Balkan countries are still strong at the contest.I’d be very happy if 43 countries can paricipate.

    1. I think to get Slovakia and Czech Republic back on board it might require neighbours Hungary or Poland this year to achieve a top 10 result, might swing their interest round possibly. Turkey though is a special case, and for the foreseeable future it looks like they will remain out, until a new government is brought into power and things change within TRT (with less control from government) we wont see them till then. Bulgaria and Croatia seem to be possible returners. However interest is very low in both Serbia and Bosnia & Herzegovina, and the financial situation within the serbian broadcaster looks pretty bad. Cyprus showed how stubborn a country it is in 2013, when they refused more or less a free ticket to JESC 2013 from NTU (ukrainian broadcaster) and Vladislav the junior eurovision executive. Plus participation in ESC may cause dispute among the Cypriot public, so CyBc may choose to stay out because of the public/government pressure.

      So if anything Bulgaria, Slovakia and Croatia are most likely to return, and maybe Bosnia & Herzegovina.

      1. Serbia of course is also for Return. Some of the serbians are very disapointed about RTS decision. I’m sure that they will return.

      2. Cyprus needs to get its finances back in order as there is an appetite for the contest in the country. Once finances are back in place and they can get private sponsorship they should be back. Serbia is a case of big interest but a bust tv station, private public partnership is what is needed for RTS to get back to Eurovision.

        Slovakia and the Czech Republic do need to see the success of their neighbors like you say to come back. The Czech Republic would have to be getting a bargain deal for them to make a return. That or a guaranteed win for Slovakia, they have always been the most reluctant country to take part in the contest. Slovakia would also need to qualify for the final or have Hungary win the contest.

        B&H just need the finances again, as it is a matter of national pride, seeming they took part despite being bombarded in the siege of Sarajevo.

  3. The 60th edition of Eurovision Must be Held in Spain! The chance that Andorra will return would be higher. And maybe Luxemburg too.

    1. But is it possible for Spain to win still? Personally I would love to see the Spanish win again, as they have not done in years and years, but if Pastora with such an exceptionally good entry could only reach 10th, how on earth is someone like Ruth Lorenzo going to top Pastora’s entry, unless they get her to send a song completely in English for the first time.

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