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Sweden Return To EYM

Sweden are set to return to Eurovision Young Musicians, after withdrawing from the contest in 2012. Sweden are due to hold their national final called Polstjärneprisets for the contest on Tuesday at the Gothenburg Concert Hall.

On Sunday a semi final was held in which a total eight musicians took part, they were:

  • Josef Alin
  • Julia Isaksson
  • Yuko Matsumoto
  • Titus Oxenstierna
  • Christopher S
  • Albin Uusijärvi
  • Carl Vallin
  • Olof Wallner

Four musicians that made it to the final will be competing for the right to represent Sweden in Cologne, they are:

  • Josef Alin, Cello
  • Julia Isaksson, Piano
  • Albin Uusijärvi, Viola
  • Carl Vallin, Violin

The entrant that wins will also get a prize of 50,000 SEK, which is 5,635 Euro. The late time Sweden took part in the contest in 2010, they failed to qualify for the final. Sweden’s return brings the number of participating countries up to 8.


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