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Greece: Negotiating Eurovision Young Musicians Participation

EYM Participation Looks Likely
EYM Participation Looks Likely

Wiwibloggs has been told in a statement from the interim Greek broadcaster DT, that they are negotiating with the EBU over participating in the contest. DT told the site that the negotiations are “going well”, which means that it is quite likely we will see Greece in Cologne in May.

Greece has taken part in a total four of Eurovision Young Musicians, debuting in 2002 and then taking a break from the contest from 2004 until their return in 2008.

Source: Wiwibloggs

6 thoughts on “Greece: Negotiating Eurovision Young Musicians Participation”

    1. ERT had been in charge of Greek participation in the contest and Greece did okay in it. It’s no where near Eurovision in terms of cost, so is value for money. That’s why Slovenia, Czech Republic and Poland take part in these contests, they are cheap but also fit a viewing audience that is not catered for by other Eurovision events.

        1. DT should be ready in time, they are the interim broadcaster. It’s NERIT that is the broadcaster that will take over once DT is shut down when NERIT is ready.

          1. So everything should be fine then, its just from what they’ve said in that article at the bottom seems to cast doubts, is it just misleading the reader?

  1. Well that article seems to be focused on whether it’ll be NERIT or DT that’ll be the channel in charge when Greece gets to Copenhagen.

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