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Turkvizyon: How The Voting Was Carried Out

Voting Explained, But Crimea Had Three Jurors
Voting Explained, But Crimea Had Three Jurors

An explanation of how the jury actually voted during the contest has been given by Ismet Zaatov who is in charge of the contest for Ukraine. He told QHA that:

Each member of the jury -of which there were 24 – had iPads, there is a code you enter it, you enter your assessment, after it is entered it cannot be changed. Your right sits a man who does not speak in Russian, on the left – the one who does not speak Turkish, so there is no vote rigging could not have been easy.

He goes on to use Belarus as an example of how neighbourly voting could not have worked. Belarus’ only neighbour in the contest was Ukraine and even if they had swapped votes this would not have affected the votes. He does however agree that the voting process needs to be far more open. He said that:

I would suggest, for the sake of clarity and to make all transparent to the jury immediately after the performance evaluation would show. This is the moment that would have been immediately clear to everyone that there are no backstage conversations.

However it appears that Crimea had three jurors at the contest, one of which was announced on the night as being the juror for Ukraine. The jurors were  Ismet Zaatov, Seyran Mambetov and Enver Izmailov. This does however raise the question as to why Crimea had three jurors when it should be that there is one juror per participating country or region.

Source: QHA

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