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Altai Republic: Artur Praised By Public

Artur Is Praised For Result
Artur Is Praised For Result

Artur Marlujokov who represented the Altai Republic at Turkvizyon 2013 with his song “Altaymm” has been praised by the public in Altai for taking the Russian Republic to the world stage. Artur told ElAltay the Altai television network that:

“O our people, we have loudly declared the entire Turkic world. And I hope that in the future not only Turkic world will reckon with us, but will also invite us to various competitions and festivals”

Artur has also now been given the status of Honored Artist of the Republic of Altai and Khakassia. Artur brought home 5th place in the contest with a total of 189 points, just 21 points away from first place.

Source: ElAltay

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