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Ukraine: Turkvizyon Entry Copy Of Existing Song


Did Fazile Break The Rules?

The song that represented Ukraine at Turkvizyon last weekend, is a copy of a song of the same name sing by Afrize Kassara. The link was brought to our attention by a reader, who posted a youtube link in the comments section of one of our articles. The song that went to Turkvizyon while being 2 minutes shorter than Afize’s entry has the same lyrics and composition.

It is clear that the song that Fazile Ibraimova sang at Turkvizyon is a revamped version of the song, however the song is not original. You can make the comparison below between the original and the Turkvizyon entry:

Original Song – Afrize Kassara – Elmalim:

Ukraine – Fazile Ibraimova – Elmalim:

This is the first time that we have come across an entry having been performed by a different artist before the contest. However a number of songs in this years contest including those from Iraq and Belarus were performed a number of years before the contest took place.

6 thoughts on “Ukraine: Turkvizyon Entry Copy Of Existing Song”

  1. With this, now other countries may have copied too :O The rules of this contest need to be a bit stricter..

  2. I have a gut feeling “Elmalım” is actually a traditional Crimean Tatar song, I could be wrong but Afize’s version sounds very folksy. That’s why Turkvision needs to release the proper information months before the contest or at least weeks so the song choices can be scrutinised somewhat.

  3. There are a lot of issues regarding the songs. I’ve researched about the song from Yakutia (supposedly “Sulus Uonna Tuun”) in russian sites and the song I found, with this name and sung by the same singer, has nothing to do with the song that was performed in Turkey (even though it is a great song).

    Also, several russian sites state that Nika was going to perform another song, which is also not the one she actually performed. I posted a comment on the video from the official Turkvision Song Contest channel, asking someone for the name of the actual song, and it was deleted.

    After a lot of research, I found out that the song is actually called “Көтүтүөм”. What are we supposed to think if the contest itself announces the wrong song? It is so “amateurish” that it is funny.

    1. Oh yeah I just took a look to see if you had a point and yeah the song name given is utterly wrongly. The song name Көтүтүөм comes up with the right song, the one shown on the night is not even close to being the same.

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