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Kazakhstan: Rin’Go Unhappy With Turkvizyon Jury

Rin'Go Will Not Challenge The Results
Rin’Go Will Not Challenge The Results

At a press conference held on December 25th in Almtay, Rin’Go and the groups Producer Alua Konorova spoke about their Turkvizyon experience. They said they were unhappy that an sms vote was not used and that many of the judges who made up the jury were not from the world of show business. It has also been said that there was an unexpected change in the judges from the semi final to the final, which they feel change the outcome of the results.

They were also critical of the organisation of the contest saying that some of the technical equipment was poor and that on arrival in Turkey, they had to find their own way to the hotel. Furthermore, they were annoyed at the change in the aims of Turkvizyon, at the start it was announced as a competition for pop music, but instead became a mix of styles. They have however said they will not challenge the results of the contest.

Alua Konorova the Producer of Rin’Go told the press that:

The organizers proffered Azerbaijan, they have funded the competition and they were the main organizers. So here it is clear – all sewn with white thread, the first and second places were Azerbaijanis. And in third place was a girl from Ukraine, she Crimean Tatar, one of the representatives of the jury was a Crimean Tatar. Now all this can be opened. We without any aggression say it: Judging – a delicate matter, it was necessary to more open. Not so clearly on display and that is quite transparent.

You can watch a news report from Tengri News below:

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4 thoughts on “Kazakhstan: Rin’Go Unhappy With Turkvizyon Jury”

  1. Господи, Казахстанцы!!!!! Так спонсируйте и вы конкурс, выигрывайте на здоровье если все так как вы говорите на самом деле! Кто же вам мешает? Опять все лают вслед азерам, Азербайджан то, Азербайджан это. Хватит уже.

  2. teper vse ponyatno pochemu Azerb-n zanyal 1-mesto a to ya tak udivilsya poslushev ego pesnyu deystvitelno ne pesnya dlya finala, tak chto konkurs doljen bil proveden i organizovan , Kazahstanom Ili Uzbekistanom

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