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Albania: Festivali i Kenges Semi Final 1 Tonight

Festivali i Kenges Kicks Off Tonight
Festivali i Kenges Kicks Off Tonight

Tonight Albania kicks off its search for their Eurovision 2014 entrant with Festivali i Kenges. This year is the 52nd year of the Festivali i Kenges, which has been used to select the Albanian Eurovision entrant since their debut back in 2004.

Tonight all of the 8 acts will first perform the song they want to go to Eurovision with, they will then perform a duet with past Festivali i Kenges entrants, the song will also be a past Festival hit. The participants in tonight’s show are:

  1. Luiz Ejlli
  2. Rezarta Smaja
  3. Edmond Mancaku & Entela Zhula
  4. Lindi Islami & Venera Lumani
  5. Xhejn & Enxhi Kumrija
  6. Renis Gjoka
  7. Sajmir Braho
  8. Hersi Matmuja

All of the acts tonight will make it to the final on Saturday night.

You can watch the show live here, from 20:45 CET.

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