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The List Of Jurors
The List Of Jurors

In light of Kazakhstan this morning revealing that they are likely to appeal the results of Turkvizyon due to the make of the jury, we have tried to bring you a list of the jurors. Here is the list so far:

  • Altai Republic – Concha – Culture Minister
  • Azerbaijan – Govher Gasanzade – Singer
  • Bosnia & Herzegovina – Ahmed Švrakić – Director of Hayat Production
  • Kazakhstan – Kydyrali Bolmanov – Music Producer
  • Crimea- Ismet Zaatov – General Director of the contest –  Seyran Mambetov – Juror in Crimean selection
  • Kosovo – Elif Tokmak – Marmara Üniversitesi
  • Northern Cyprus – Ertan Birinci –  Chairman Of The Board at Kibris Genc TV
  • Romania – Mioara Girba-Tutu – Director General Alpha Media
  • Turkey – Ahmet Koç – Singer
  • Ukraine –  Enver Izmailov – Crimean Tatar folk and jazz musician

I have however noticed that there were two jurors who were on the jury in the Kyrgyzstan selection, however I do not have their names, once is the juror for Kyrgyzstan, another for a county whose name I could not hear clearly.

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