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Turkvizyon: There Were Rumors Of Bribing At The Contest

Rumors Throughout The Week
Rumors Throughout The Week

We’ve received information from a source that wishes to remain anonymous that there were rumors of bribing for votes at the contest. They told us that, there were rumors at the contest that bribery was taking place at the contest through the time they were there, however they said that they did not get involved and could not provide concrete evidence.

The allegations of bribery first surfaced after Azerbaijan won the contest on Saturday night with a lot of fans on Twitter and Facebook feeling that Azerbaijan did not deserve to win. The contest has been left open to these allegations of bribery due to a lack of openness around the voting process of the jury.

Earlier today we also brought you news that the juror from Kazakhstan was thinking of appealing the results of the contest due to what they saw as an inadequate jury – More details here.

5 thoughts on “Turkvizyon: There Were Rumors Of Bribing At The Contest”

  1. Well if bribery did take place in Turkvizyon, I am not surprised. I have nothing against Azerbaijan & Turkey or ANY country that took part in this year’s competition, but I was really suspicious that Azerbaijan won in a contest staged in Turkey. There were songs that did HORRIBLE which many I predicted to end actually well; Uzbekistan being one, and Altai Republic being one I hated and it did well. However, the lack of public vote really makes people suspicious about possible bribery, and I am not so surprised that it happened at this contest..

  2. Although it’s nothing but a rumour right now, I wouldn’t be too shocked if would turn out to be true. I still don’t get my head around why on earth they didn’t use SMS voting, as previously announced. Especially if one considers that one of Turkey’s reasons to withdraw from ESC was the unfairness of the jury voting!

  3. Azerbaijan’s song and performance was the best. If all else lost,it doesnt mean that the jury is bribed. Suffice. All participants is very very unprepossessing. Compare them with the Azerbaijani participants wrong. Get over it. Asians awful near the Azeris.

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