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Kazakhstan: To Possibly Appeal Turkvizyon Results

Decisions Were Made Too Hastily

It has been revealed that Kazakhstan may appeal the results of the Turkvizyon final due to inadequacies in the jury. Kydyrali Bolmanov who is a Kazakh music producer and was the juror for the country, told Astana TV that:

The jury was 24 people, and most of them laymen. People who do not even have the concept of show business. I believe that people who are not involved in show business, can not objectively judge a singing contest. Yes, and decisions were made too hastily

The basis of his annoyance at the jury is exemplified by one of the jury members – a former athlete and now a successful entrepreneur. It appears also that the Rin’Go who represented Kazakhstan at the contest, producer Alua Konorova is also unhappy with how the judging was handled at the contest and is due to talk about it in a press conference tomorrow.

You can watch the Astana TV report below:

Source: Astana TV

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