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Bulgaria Broadcast The Final Live

Bulgaria despite not taking part in Turkvizyon 2013 broadcast the final live on the local channel Bengu Turk. Bulgaria has the largest population of Turkish people in Balkans, with estimates of up to 800,000 Turks living in Bulgaria. We have contacted the channel to find out whether they are intending to take part in the 2014 contest in Tatarstan.

Source: Bengu Turk

4 thoughts on “Bulgaria: Turkvizyon Final Shown Live”

    1. God do you ever have anything positive to say. No it’s not part of BNT it’s an independent channel for the Turkish community in Bulgaria.

      1. No I’m just worrying thats all if it was BNT, because if it was them then it wouldnt look good that they would have enough money to send an entry to turkvision in 2014 and broadcast it this year but not do Eurovision. That is all, and as you’ve explained thats not the case.

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