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18 thoughts on “FYR Macedonia: Withdrawal From Junior Eurovision Is Possible”

  1. See I disagree with him that the age limit should be 10-11, it should be a lot higher and more teenager based, 13 – 18 would be a better age limit.

    1. Why would 18 year olds, who are adults by the way, be competing in Junior Eurovision? It makes sense to me for younger kids to participate, ages 10-12, once you hit teenage years it seems you have a disadvantage since most of the voters are in the age range of 5-12.

      1. I think 10 – 12 year olds are far too young to do something like the JESC, most people in the UK would object to having young children that age been part of something like that, if they’re wanting a music career then this age this far too young for them, they’re not ready yet, JESC needs to mature more, thats how the quality of songs will improve if the age limit is higher. It is more ethical to aim the JESC at teenagers than young children. They will have more success internationally if they come out of JESC at an older age, there are many young singers in the UK posting videos on you tube mainly young boys aged around 15 -17, it seems to be more common over here, and having a platform for them like JESC would be great. When you’re round about 15 in the UK you start making decisions about your future career and what subjects you want to specialise in, if the JESC was open to 15 -18’s then it could be used as a platform for these teenagers to get themselves into the UK music industry and specialise in music.

        1. I agree 100% that most kids in JESC are too young for it and that it SHOULD be limited to only teenagers, but because of the reputation JESC has gotten itself over the years I think it’d be hard to convince teenagers to watch it.

          1. exactly :/ and the blame for this goes to the executive supervisors, plus countries like Georgia, Belarus and Armenia sending crap entries in the past and getting high placings with them.

            But I think JESC and ESC both on a whole could do with some rebranding to be honest the word ‘Eurovision’ to most people in the UK makes them think of Kitsch and Cheap music sung in dire English. EBU needs to get rid of this false perception some countries have been successful in creating e.g. Latvia, Lithuania, Belarus, Finland 2006, Estonia 2008, plus more…

    2. I,have a idea we just make two contest
      1.The junior eurovision song contest (age 10,11,12)
      2.The teenage eurovison song contest (age 13 up to 18)

      1. Well Scotty, here in Sweden, Melodifestivalen is pretty huge, which creates an equal attraction to Eurovision. Well, at least from what I’ve seen. 😛

      2. what about the countries participating in the JESC send two entries one for a singer aged 8 – 13 then another for 14 -18, run the two age groups alongside each other on the same night, and have a 1st 2nd 3rd winner for each of the two age groups.

        1. I feel like the 18 year olds would just automatically take the crown considering they are adults and their voices have matured rather than the other contestants. Personally, I’m fine with how Junior Eurovision is now but if others want more countries than change the age restrictions to 13-16. 17 and 18 year olds can go to adult Eurovision, but ages 10-12 are way too young for a competition like this, you’d need teenagers. But then there’s the rising problem of what teenagers actually want to watch JESC due to its reputation. There’s many problems, but they probably can all be fixed.

  2. If you want Denmark and Norway to come back JESC has to be made more ethical on par with us western countries, having a higher age limit would do this.

  3. Macedonia did not deserve last place. It doesn’t matter of the performance; if I went on stage like Barbara, I’d be afraid. But countries which have a HORRIBLE song (Moldova, Georgia) finish top 11-5 while underrated songs (Macedonia) have to take the last place. But this year proved that a small nation without any neighbours can win the competition. However I can see why countries in the west (Norway, Denmark) are not returning.

  4. EBU needs to take the word ‘Eurovision’ out of the title for both contests it needs rebranding in my opinion, something new and fresh.

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