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Norway: NRK Will Not Return To Junior Eurovision

NRK Will Not Be At Junior Eurovision 2014

NRK the national broadcaster for Norway has confirmed to today that they have no intention to take part in Junior Eurovision 2014. In response to our questions about Norway possibly taking part in Junior Eurovision, NRK replied saying that:

NRK will not join Junior Eurovision in 2014. This program concept does not fit with NRK’s ​​policy on the use of children in such programs.

Norway has not taken part in Junior Eurovision since 2005, despite being one of the founding countries of the contest. NRK withdrew from the contest due to what they called the “amount of commercial pressure placed on the young contestants in the final”. Norway went on to leave the contest along with SVT of Sweden and DR of Denmark to resume MGP Nordic, MGP Nordic ran up until 2009, in 2010 the contest stopped due to SVT returning to Junior Eurovision.

TV 2 are yet to reply to a request for information about possible participation in Junior Eurovision 2014.

Source: NRK

6 thoughts on “Norway: NRK Will Not Return To Junior Eurovision”

    1. yes anton finland take part, the autonomic tv of aland Island are interested to partecipate,
      AHHA it’s a joke.

  1. THIS IS TOTALLY UNFAIR!! NORWAY MUST CHANGE THEIR MINDS, OTHERWISE I’LL HAVE TO PROTEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. it understandable really, JESC age limit is far too low it needs to be made 13 – 18’s and then the main ESC should be for over 18’s

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