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Bosnia & Herzegovina Wont Be In Copenhagen

BHRT have announced this evening that they will not be returning to Eurovision 2014. The Steering Committee of BHRT met today and took the decision that they will not be taking part in Eurovision 2014. The cost of going to Eurovision without any sponsorship is just too large for the broadcaster, however they will broadcast the contest.

BHRT withdrew after the 2012 contest citing financial difficulties. It was revealed however in November that Bosnia & Herzegovina were going to try to return in 2014 if they could get sponsorship, however this has not been the case. This leaves Bosnia & Herzegovina as being out of Eurovision but taking part in its rival Turkvizyon which takes place tomorrow night.

Source: BHRT

6 thoughts on “Bosnia & Herzegovina: BHRT Are Out Of Eurovision”

  1. EBU Must find a Solution for this fanancial Troubles. Now there are still 37 countries and Georgia and Slovenia are the two problematic Nations. So it could be a low Record number of 35 countries. EBU must help Serbia with Sponsors the Same Thing with Cyprus and Bulgaria. About Spain representative: It’s Most Likely Ruth Lorenzo. In Wikipedia they say that she will be confirmed on 26 december in la mañana de la 1. TVE wants her. Good Ruth is a posible winner! Great Voice Points from Portugal UK Ireland and good Songs. 60th Eurovision in Madrid!!!! A good thing with Spain as Host is that Andorra could return. (Esc 2011 Austria returns cause Germany won)

  2. no probabily tv bosnian have comunicate at ebu this decision after the day 18 and have comunicate only one at esc web site

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