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Ireland: TG4 Does Have An Interest In Junior Eurovision

TG4 Are Interested

TG4 has confirmed to today that they are interested in the Junior Eurovision Contest. In response to Ireland being named as being present and interested at a Junior Eurovision meeting last week, we contacted TG4 to ask them about their interest in Junior Eurovision. We were told that:

While TG4 was not at the meeting in question, we did indicate an interest in this event

The Deputy CEO of TG4, Pádhraic Ó Ciardha went on to say that however:

I am not sure how much thought we’ve given it since then

TG4 are the Irish language broadcaster in Ireland, they are a registered EBU member so are eligible to take part in EBU events is RTE are not taking part. RTE confirmed to us last week that they do not have an interest in Junior Eurovision.

Source: TG4

11 thoughts on “Ireland: TG4 Does Have An Interest In Junior Eurovision”

  1. Ireland’s “debut entry” could be one of the following:

    * Electro-pop
    * Power ballad
    * Pop-rock
    * Disco house (?)

    1. but the article states that they do have some interest. It is good to know that our Irish language TV station has an interest. About language.. more than likely. It is an Irish language station and most likely will send an Irish language song too 🙂

  2. Yets face it its never going to happen, Vlad just making up rumours, not trusting a Russians word for it until it actually happens, things obviously get lost in translation, wouldn’t be half surprised with the terrible English some of them have, he’s gone and said Ireland by mistake instead of another country.

    1. Scotty for pete sake, he speaks fine English. The article was written by an English person. Ireland may not have been at the meeting but what TG4 have told me is that they have expressed interest in the contest, but haven’t given it further thought at this stage.

    2. And the person who responded to Anthony is probably not from Dublin or east of Ireland, but from the Gaeltacht! That’s where everyone’s first language is Irish, so you can’t assume he got ”lost in translation” when obviously the person can respond to someone who talks to them in English..

      1. The person who responded to my email was the Deputy CEO of TG4 and the email was 90% in English apart from the greeting in Irish.

  3. It do not think it is fair to blame the use of english on someone who does not have English as a first language in their country. It is good enough to understand what is being said. Also, it is wrong to write things like “not trusting a Russian’s words..” – that is an insult and has no place on a public forum

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