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Ireland: RTE Denies Interest In Junior Eurovision

RTÉ Is Not Interest In Junior Eurovision
RTÉ Is Not Interest In Junior Eurovision

RTÉ the national broadcaster of Ireland has confirmed to that they have no plans to participate in Junior Eurovision. The news comes after Ireland was revealed as being one of seven countries at at EBU meeting on Monday about participating in Junior Eurovision, this list also included among others Germany, Italy and Spain.

Ireland is a country that before now has not expressed very much interest in the contest. Ireland got very close to taking part in the contest back in 2003 and 2004 submitting preliminary applications, however they did not make it to the contest.

Source: RTÉ

21 thoughts on “Ireland: RTE Denies Interest In Junior Eurovision”

  1. Pfft … Malta also initially denied rumors about participation. I think is too early to make conclusions about the participation / non-participation.

    1. I contacted RTE under a freedom of information request and the response I got was that RTE had sent someone to a Eurovision meeting in September, but not to the Junior Eurovision meeting this week and were not interested in the contest.

      1. Hmm … I contacted them this summer, and they said that “In principle we would like to enter the Junior Eurovision Song Contest but unfortunately RTÉ’s current financial situation makes it highly unlikely that we would be in a position to enter the competition for the foreseeable future.”

        1. How can Europe’s poorest country Moldova take part in ESC, JESC and Türkvizyon and a Western European country like Ireland not have the money for JESC???

          1. its probably more to do with Ireland having a better sense of what to prioritise in its finances.

          2. Because in Moldova’s case the act that they send ends up having to pay for getting there, the accommodation, their performance and the participation fee. TRM only pays for the national final to be held.

      2. with Vlad been Russian I wouldn’t trust what he says at all, just spouting nonsense to make everyone think JESC’s future is in good hands, I’m not going to believe what he says until it actually happens.

        1. The contest is in far better hands with Vladislav Yakolev than it had been under Bakker. We just have to wait until we have clear details about the contest in place. Also the news about countries showing interest is the best we’ve had about the future of the contest in a long time. It’s far from on its last legs.


    1. beccaboo1212, you are right! Ireland WILL be in Junior Eurovision at this instant, so RTÉ, for the love of God, being a Roman Catholic country, change your mind! Or else, I will do the same thing as those they do! I will protest your plans of not interesting to Junior Eurovision!

  3. Everyone seems to have ignored the fact there are two EBU member stations in Ireland – RTE & TG4. I’m waiting for a reply from TG4.

    1. You are totally right. I ignored at first however, if RTÉ won’t do it, who’s to say the all-Irish language speaking station in Ireland could do it? I’d like my country to send a song in Irish and not in damn English for once 😀

      1. But RTÉ doesn’t want to do it.. However don’t give up hope. As Anthony stated, he did contact TG4 which is an active member of EBU which means it can take part for Ireland. Like Sweden’s broadcasters at JESC; SVT and another.. 🙂

        So who knows, maybe we’ll surprise you! 😉

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