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Russia: JESC 2014 Participation Confirmed

Russia Look Set To Be In Malta
Russia Look Set To Be In Malta

Russia are not looking to withdraw from Junior Eurovision 2014. We have learnt that the Russian broadcaster is set to move the contest back from the relatively unknown children’s channel Carousel, to the Russia 1. We wrongly reported that Russia was looking at withdrawing from the contest after the reveal that viewing figures had fallen by over 11% to just 0.8%.

The news of the move came from a tweet by Junior Eurovision Press which said that:

we heard that instead they’d like to move it from a relatively unknown children’s channel back to the main channel again

This news means that it looks certain that Russia will continue to take part in Junior Eurovision 2014.

Source: Junior Eurovision Press

7 thoughts on “Russia: JESC 2014 Participation Confirmed”

  1. I can see JESC 2014 been quite a big contest for a change, thats if Ireland, Finland, Germany, Italy and Hungary do debut, like they’ve said, and Spain, Greece and Cyprus return, that will be great, maybe they could bring back Belgium too, I don’t see why not.

  2. Russia must be disqualified from JESC cos it’s not a civilised European country and they are too militaristic for this innocent beautiful contest. If that happened many European countries will be happy to join and sing together without big mostly-Asian dictatorship monster.

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