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Viewing Figures Take A Dent Across Europe
Viewing Figures Take A Dent Across Europe

ESCKaz has revealed the viewing figures for Junior Eurovision 2013 in five of the 12 competing countries. The figures are as follows:

  • Macedonia – 4.5%
  • Moldova – 7.61%/3.65%
  • Russia – 0.8%/0.3%
  • Sweden – 121,000/3.8%/1.3%
  • The Netherlands – 642,000/ 10.4%/4.2%

The figures are particularly poor for Russia who has for many years been one of the largest markets for Junior Eurovision. The figures show for Russia a drop of 11.5% at peak in just 1 year. The figures for Sweden also show a drop of 14,000 views over 2012, the contest has seen viewing figures drop by over 1.3 million since 2004. The Netherlands who hosted the 2012 saw viewing figures fall 213,000 over 2012.

Macedonia however only saw viewing figures decrease by 0.6% over their last participation in the contest back in 2011. Moldova saw viewing figures however increase by 0.6% over 20112 which shows that interest in the contest is picking up.

Source: esckaz

3 thoughts on “JESC’13: Viewing Figures Released”

  1. Its a good job Vlad has now taken over the role as head of the JESC and has implemented changes into the format, but the decrease in viewing figures obviously highlights more needs to be done, to be honest I think JESC’s format has become too tiresome and boring, things should have been done to improve the decline in interest sooner really, it shouldn’t have been left to get to this stage. EBU and Svante Stockselius should have dealt with the issues the nordic countries and Spain had with JESC back in 2006 so that they would either return in 2007 or not have withdrawn in 2006/2007. Also the jury should have been implemented a lot sooner maybe then we wouldn’t have seen Poland and Latvia withdraw in 2005 because of poor results. I take back the selfish comment I made about wanting Russia to leave JESC, it would be the wrong decision, we can not let JESC die, it has to keep going, Vlad needs to pull out all the stops in 2014 to gain back JESC’s former interest by further revamping the JESC . Placing JESC on a children’s channel actually should be where broadcasters should be heading with the JESC, as its that market, and also the event should be moved into the afternoon NOT the evening, and on a Friday after school finish I think would be a more ideal time slot to attract more viewership.

  2. LOL I agree with the children’s channel.. I was watching one of those JESC journal shows from Azerbaijan, and right afterward there was some bloody war thing on like WTF??? That’s sad about the dropped ratings though 🙁 Hopefully 2014 brings better times for the contest. It’s neat a whole bunch of new countries are showing interest.

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