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4 thoughts on “Romania: Are Taking Part In Turkvizyon”

  1. So we will see the Whole ottoman Empire in Türkvizyon. Egypt Libya Algeria,Tunisia,Albania,Hungary Irak and Saudi Arabia still missing. Nationalism!

  2. According to the Official Turkeyvision website, the 23 territories taking part are Turkey, Altai Republic, Azerbaijan, Bashkortastan, Belarus, Bosnia H, Chuvashia, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Crimea Republic, Northern Cyprus, Macedonia, Moldova, Uzbekistan, Russia, Xinjiang, Tartarstan, Turkmenistan, Ukraine, Romania, Kabardino-Balkaia and Yakutia

  3. Alpha tv??? you must be kidding.
    never heard about those members of the jury, never heard about that singer.

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