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Sergej Will Sing A Ballad In Copenhagen
Sergej Will Sing A Ballad In Copenhagen

The song that Sergej Ćetković will sing at Eurovision 2014 will be a ballad he has confirmed to the Serbian newspaper Novosti. He told the newspaper that:

I will be the composer of the complete song and will do the arrangement too

He says that the song will be revealed some time during January. He then went on to explain that he does not want an over the top performance, he wants the audience to hear the music first then see the performance. He does not want any special effects as they draw away from the performance. Sergej also confirmed that he had received a number of offers in previous years to go to Eurovision but had turned them down.


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  1. Does anyone Knows anything about Poland? First they Said Last monday then Last Week but now? They could say quickly yes or no.

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