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Kiev’13: Things You Need To Know

Yes They Can Sing In English
Yes They Can Sing In English

This article is all about making sure you don’t end up going “They aren’t allowed to do that”. So here’s a quick run over of things that can seem to be wrong if your used to the Eurovision Song Contest.

Backing Vocals On The Backing Tape – You are allowed backing vocals to be on the backing tape for songs in Junior Eurovision unlike Eurovision. It has been part of the contest since day one and is not against the rules.

Everybody gets 12 points – Ever since 2005 every performer has been given 12 points at the start of the voting. This was introduced to ensure that no act ever ends without a single point, which would be bad for the children. The normal reason for the points being given during the show is the kids performing so well, while last year it was an eager Australian kid giving 12 points to every act.

They’re Singing In English – All of the acts now can sing up to 25% of their song in English if English is not an official language in their country. This doesn’t stop some countries going for lyrics that sound very like English words, while others just don’t bother with English at all – Georgia 2008.

Host Country For 2014 – Unlike in Eurovision, the winning country does not automatically host the following years contest. So at the end of the show you will not hear for example “See you next year in (insert country here)”. There is a bidding process to decide on who hosts the following years contest, but the winning country is given preference as to whether they will host or not.

The show starts tonight at 19:00 CET.

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