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Kiev’13: Things To Look Out For Tonight

The Certain Seagull
The Certain Seagull

With the Junior Eurovision 2013 final tonight there are a few things that you may want to keep your eye out.

  1. Zlata Ognevich and her multiple costume changes, keep your eyes out and see if you can keep up.
  2. Emmelie de Forest, you’ll see her popping up during the interval for her winning Eurovision song.
  3. San Marino in their first ever Eurovision final
  4. A boat that doesn’t really make much sense
  5. A seagull much like that on Malta at Eurovision 2010
  6. The votes being announced live on stage for the first time at Junior Eurovision
  7. Armenia and Azerbaijan not giving each other any points & as well as their massive separation in the group number
  8. The first time that 1st, 2nd and 3rd all get prizes
  9. A magic trick involving some animals, one executive producer and a host.
  10. Ruslana making an appearance during the show

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