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What's Happening Today?
What’s Happening Today?

Today the participants of Junior Eurovision 2013 will be taken on a trip around Kiev, visiting sites across the city and experiencing Ukrainian culture first hand. This part of the contest gives the participants a chance to step away from rehearsals and enjoy the excitement and meet with the other participants away from the arena.

Also taking place today is a press conference with the EBU and NTU present. The international press will be able to ask questions about the contest and the plans for Saturday.

However we understand that NTU the host broadcaster has only paid 20% of the agreed price to the production company of the contest. Sources from Kiev tell us that those within the production company working for NTU have said that even today the money that NTU finally provided was nowhere near enough. Sources inside the production company also revealed that Executive Supervisor EBU for the Junior Eurovision Song Contest, Vladislav Yakovlev managed to convince them yet again today to continue working on the show. Despite all of this,the staging of the arena, stage design, programme and the feedback from contestants, heads of delegation, media and fans has been overwhelmingly positive about the event and have praised the event so far.

When we contacted Vladislav Yakolev Executive Supervisor EBU for the Junior Eurovision Song Contest for a comment, Vladislav said that he could not speak for NTU or the production company but the show was a huge success from the viewpoint of an event that highlighted the outstanding talents of the contestants who were also enjoying themselves.

We await further information from this afternoons press conference to see whether or not the details of payments will be brought up or not.

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