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Scotland Could Be In Eurovision

If Scotland become an independent country they would take part in the Eurovision Song Contest. The 670 page “white paper” answers a number of questions about Scottish Independence. The future of the Scottish Broadcasting Service is one of the key questions, in the “white paper” it says that:

The SBS would seek membership of the EBU and would be an active and constructive partner in the organisation. As part of this participation, we would envisage the SBS engaging with some of the EBU competitions, including Scottish entries in the Eurovision Song Contest.

So if Scotland votes for independence, Scotland becomes independent in 2016 and would be able to participate in Eurovision from 2017 at the earliest.

Source: BBC

8 thoughts on “Scotland: Would Participate In Eurovision”

  1. Sorry, but for me, Scotland will never become independent. Most of Scottish people said that without Scotland in the UK, it will soon start a war. Please, Scottish people, I am one of the millions who are voted NO for Scotland independence!

  2. What about STV? They are already a member of the EBU, I guess they don’t have to seak membership again (just like RTS and RTCG became members representing independent countries after Serbia and Montenegro broke up).

  3. I don’t believe Scotland doesn’t want to start a war. They want to be a peaceful country co-existing to their neighbours just like Norway for example.

  4. But RTCG did have to re-apply for membership of EBU once they broke away from Yugoslavia (Federal Republic of Serbia and Montenegro). STV is the independant side of television in the UK just like ITV1 (who took part in Junior Eurovision) but the contract for the UK entry at Eurovision is with the BBC. Should Scotland become independent, they will need to first become a fully recognised sovereign state within the United Nations, then join the International Telecommunications Union (ITU) and then apply to join the EBU. I think 2017 is therefore a bit ambitious of SBS to think they can compete in Eurovision especially if some countries in the UN do not recognise Scotland as a proper nation, like some UN nations view Kosovo at the moment.

    1. It’s not the same case: Kosovo declared unilaterally the indipendence, Scotland can gain it with a referendum (like South Sudan); so, I think that they can apply for EBU in a relative fast time.

      The problem, for Scottish indipendentist, is that only 1/3 of Scottish so far would vote YES (source: Euronews).

  5. Also Croatia could not take part in ESC92 with the song they had chosen “Alleluja” from Magazin because HRT had not belonged to EBU once they broke away from Yugoslavia (JRT)and had to wait until their own membership of EBU was complete, thus entering in 1993

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